Thursday, November 12, 2009


she is an,

green emerald,
moon moods’ lustrous shine…

moving gold fish,
flying eyelash,with a wish…

fingers’ path and the balustrades,
rolled dice,from the forehead,on the velvet carpet…

is a,
square box,
sun’s scream chained with cages,
tied octopus’s tentacles,
tendril of a creep,with carnivore flower petals…
bodies caught, souls hung,
checked mate!camels,elephants,horses,lions live…

the main gates closed,
she wants go out,
it’s too late,
she lifts a dark tile,
there is a rook inside,
she closes the exit,
she runs around,
she examines the field,
four elephants, cornered alive…
she lifts a white tile,
there is still a rook inside…
she runs around,
examines the field,
four elephants,cornered alive…
she lifts a dark tile,
looks into the eye,
of the rook inside,
it had cried, more it cries…
she keeps the tile open,
she runs around, examines,
four rooks cornered alive,
three more tiles, she lifts…
and all of them cried…
she stays in the zoo,too…
bodies caught and souls hanged,
green splits ,to stand straight,
rooks, knights, bishops, kings lived…
but life is only black and white…
wars they fight,
and all the beasts, free outside…
game not over, but it’s the end…

but look, there is so much oil,
in the can!

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