Tuesday, June 30, 2009

please don't lose,patience,
i'll really learn life...
i am a kid,it takes time...
keep forgiving me,until then...

please believe in hope,
it's an essential vitamin,
very necessary for love,
it's available,look at the sun...

mamma,please trust love,
it's all that a family can take,
nothing else,can ever substitute,
it's the foundation for our home...

mamma,please love yourself,
the world is stupid,
if you don't,no one else will...
it can't see,what you don't show...

mamma,you saved my life,
please never retire,
so much more,i still fear,
it's difficult,without you here...

when you cry,
i am in a fry...
when you smile,
it's easy to survive...

i am sorry i judge,
it's only because,
i can't wear your shoe,
which you wear,all the time,
to tread with your mind,
the peaks of emotions,your life..
it was always too big,
and worn out...
i did not realize,
my mamma strives,
to experience,
by walking on ways,
which no one has ever traced...

Alice is in wonderland.

there is a hare,
up above,in the full moon...
you know how?
Because,Alice is hiding,
in that wonderland...

dreams are the only reality,the only world.

reality as a whole,
has some dreams,
not so successful,
reality as a whole,
has few dreams,
very successful,
reality as a whole,
is so much of relativity...

reality as a whole,
has a black hole,
where some hide,
it is so much singularity,
because we try,
very hard,to be one along,
with space time and all...

reality as a whole,
has so much relativity,
to unite to dot,we dote,
through a event horizon...
reality as a whole,
has a duality,to every reality,
so dreams are the lone realities,
to live in them,make them live,
do know,what you know,is right for sure....


the moon was sleeping,
cradled in the clear sky,
clouds quilt him,
stars hide behind,
the fluffy clouds,
they don't let light,
pierce his eyes...
tired and dried...
waiting for new,dew,
to come and kiss...
kisses,many many,

the air is the lullaby,
once breeze,
twice between the leaves,
the flute,in the night...
swirling past,
to set shutters,
octanes right...
not emphatically,
but exuberantly...

once wind,
thrice between,
the legs,of all,
the bamboo trees,
sweetly screech,
every chord,
struck very soft,
playing violin...
no sympathy,
but synchronically...

the salt waters,
of his tears,
deep inside,the ocean,
surge from,the bottom,
and then slow,slowly,to down,
soft percussion...
just like the heart,
of our moon,our child...
and the smile,
corner of his eyes...


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let's mill and see...

Don't bully me,
The land is very dry,
A true barren piece,
Don't weed,don't seed,
Let's not do anything...
There has been no pour,
The clouds have not even drained....

Don't bully me,
Don't ask me not to worry,
Don't say,the same old story,
This time too it's the same fury,
The rains make us hope desperately,
Don't ask me to shoulder every-
Pleasureless pain,so simply...

Don't bully me,master, my friend...
The land is very dry,a barren piece
I won't plough our field,leave me in peace...
I am a shoulder single,imbalance is very heavy...
We shared brunt equally,now am a half, wholly,
My mate is no more,may be he was scared of scarcity...
My life is no circus joker,who can ride on a single wheel...

Don't bully me,
Let's not sprout these hope seeds,
Let's not die,of this disease,
Instead,let's mill and see,
If there is any oil inside,in it...
Let's see whether all it's salt is worthy....

Come let's mill and see,
Our hope seeds...
Don't bully me,
I won't plough the dry field,
I am not ready,to simply die,
In this scarcity,
I have lost my mate,already...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today's fortune: Imagination is more important than knowledge

fragments of imagination,
fermenting in the vats divine,
into a wine,from a vine,
crawling vine-sweet-sour- color...
green and purple and pink,so brown,
with globules of red pain,
and droplets of yellow pleasure...
All combined, yeah,all combined...
making it sing in blue-baritone,
so blue,shining blue....

shining,blue,buried later,beneath,
the layers of mind,nice like the grail,
with little fear, and, so, little love,
on all the sides!
it stays there,grows there,
has same size,
to get an high,above all highs,
just,but, so, highly prized...

Unearthed like the nuggets,
but with gushing surges,
and mind blasts,so many blasts;
when baby emotions,mix,tiny-fine,
baby emotions,mix,just to pine,
and so,so many blasts,mind blasts...
Oh!what strength,it has,this pain,
though so pale,so fragile,so plane...

pain,pain- a rush,
pain,pain-a sink,
pain,pain-a surge,
pain,pain- a dip.

rain,rain-oubursts of tears...
rain,rain-colors combined...
rain,rain-thundering silence...
rain,rain-merges to light...

rain,pain-a slow flow,
pain,rain-a meandering strip,
rain, pain-a trickling trick,
pain,rain- tickled to sing...

song,the magical smile,
unzipping memories,small,fine,
every paint in camouflage,
so is every picture,that floats...

half truths!seen &combined!

Fallacy of the human mind!
Supremacy of the nature kind...
can do this,without cannabis...
can do this,without hypnosis...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

notorious novice.

the notorious novice,
notoriously,had, no vice...

this notorious,had no vice,
no vice to hold,because of this vice...

the notorious novice,
notoriously,had, a voice...

this notorious,had no vice,
no wise to hold,after all he was a novice...

Reception of pain.


Reception of pain,
is through a unique,
in the mind...
it is,elastic but fine,
permeable,with pores...

of the solution,
with the pain,
the membrane,
is the phenomenon...

as concentration,
of pain,increases,
in the mind,
the membrane,
to have,

the membrane,
has difficulty,
to sustain,
but later,
it craves,
with large pores,
and permeability...

gains pain,
and then,
it's only,
of the mind,
which hits,
a high...

beyond perception,
there is an explosion,
of all notions,

Pain is a substance,it gives a high,under controlled dosages,
but can get one insane,beyond a point.

tomorrow never comes...

oh, it's a different day,
not like today...

today is the indifferent day,
it's changing without me,in it's mind...

today was so babyish, like april,green hay,
then so fast it grew may,red flowers,sexy...

today then changed to june, clouds gray,
with sunlight and blue,sneaking in the sky...

today is the indiffernt day,
it never cares about my state...

but tomorrow has a difference,
to me,it never comes....


it flies,it has colors,
it screams in silence,
it's a butterfly,of the sky,
but it cannot fertilize,
the buds of waters,
because,both do not have life...
they are only entities,
entities which entice...

she cries,in colors,
she screams in silence,
she's a rainbow,in red light,
but she can't give colors,
to any face saturated with paints,
because,both have no substance,
they are only appearances,
appearances which seduce...

they both are kites,
not moored,in any ties,
cut off from reels,escaping real,
gone with the wind,
inside a whirl wind,
with a hidden denouement,
a wrong concealed statement...

set your status here...

set your status here,
here inside,
never throw stones,outside,
it's made of glass,beware...
if something gets bizzare,
it will need a by-pass,
to be repaired,
so don't just pass-by,
you may not like,
waht you see,
it may not be,
what you seek,
it's of glass,
set your status inside,
it will know,
how to treat,
else don't even,
pass beside...

total imagination.

one day when we meet,
after many many years,
scream loud,jump high,
i would,still like too see,
you surprised,i will smile...

i'll punch your paunch,
i'll pat your back,
you bite me with words,
i'll say,your still,kick @$$...
no change,no chance...

we'll meet your wife,
she'll tell us why,
and how you are so wild...
we'll meet your kids,
they'll have your eyes...

you'll ask me about mine,
i'll say,sorry,they are'n here,
(of course, i'll say more)
you had changed, i had to refuse,
you were'n the same man,i had loved...

you were'n the same man,i had loved...
you had evolved into something else,
but,it could happen to me,just once,
but i had always been your friend,
in love,out of love,never the less...

let's celebrate,
with an ode,
to the,
sweet friendship...


there were six men,
in a ritual,in the rain,
all of them were bare,
the sixth wanted to cover,
the other five called him insane...

(and in another part of the world)

there were six men,
in a ritual,to bathe,
with clothes on, allover,
the sixth wanted to undress,
the other five called him insane...


the current state.

it's either vacuum,
with no words to explain...

or it's a colloid of minute particles,
invisible to the advanced microscope...

or,it's just a theory,
for the sake of convenience...

it feels,just the way,
wanting to die/wanting to live...

crazy (@work) @ work...

rubbing her ear lobes,
he felt the breeze,
rubbing her ear lobes,
he smelt the perfume,
rubbing her ear lobes,
he could see her smile...

is it true,is it really true?
or is it the myth,reinforced,
now doubly and a make belief!

he worried,worried,
will her innocence,
cost him his,
can he take,
a chance?

can he take,
a chance?
and console,
when paying,
the price,
for rolling,
the dice?

he struggled,
and struggles,
no logic,
to drive,
arrives,to help,
(purpose or
random adventure)

he cannot decide,
but he has cognizance,
that fools die,
and so do,the men,
with a clever mind,
he wont decide,
but makes a truce,
within him,inside,
and sets to find truths...

no logic within the frames,
of the tested proofs,
with his own assumptions,
he seems like,
crazy at work,at work,
for a while,
he keeps the labels aside...

bitch/paranoid/refuting for convenience...

bitch, bitch,
you never were,
like your dream-
patent owners...

you realized,
unlike the theory,
you sold,yourself,
for convenience,
with super ease...

is this also,
a certain way,
to escape,
into loneliness,
and then cry,
with self pity...

to undo,please,
atleast once...

you were ignorant,
and now you regret...

forgive yourself,
forgive yourself...


PS: a song written for myself.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


it flies,it has colors,
it screams in silence,
it's a butterfly,of the sky,
but it cannot fertilize,
the buds of waters,
because,both do not have life...
they are only entities,
entities which entice...

she cries,in colors,
she screams in silence,
she's a rainbow,in red light,
but she can't give colors,
to the saturated paints,
because,both have no substance,
they are only appearances,
appearances which seduce...

they both are kites,
not moored,in any ties,
cut off from reels,escaping real,
gone with the wind,
inside a whirl wind,
with a hidden denouement,
a wrong concealed statement...


there were six men,
in a ritual,in the rain,
all of them were bare,
the sixth wanted to cover,
the other five called him insane...

there were six men,
in a ritual,to bathe,
with clothes on, allover,
the sixth wanted to undress,
the other five called him insane...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

dizzy dazzy dazzled me.

Dizzy dazzy dazzled me,
Dunno wher i am, but running free..
want to know more and always see...
Asking you wid all earnesty,
is this feeling ecstasy?
Saw the lioness,adopt a deer,
oh mine!
she has left my soul still stirr!!
still stirr!
hate myself for not knowing more..
love myself for to be alive and free...
Is it always fair to believe,
waht u always see,hear and be
is it always true,that there is eternity ?
Never felt before anything such...
m the lucky bitch,
nature is the witch...
My mind feels so abandontly rich!

m not ill...
Its not even the sleeping pill,
want more to let my mind fill....

life flows its never stil...
These words i had to share,
leaves me more happier,
honestly proud and happier!dizzy dazzy dazled me!

craze-maze-not advised.

you abandon me,in a maze,
and never come back,you don't care...

not to care,is your choice,
no one can force you,it is your right...

we are a mis-match together?
not made for each other?

i have to simply forget?
have i no other choice left?


i am whimsy,i want a choice,
to exercise,my right...

i won't move further,i wont forget,
i let my life,stay in the middle of the maze...

yeah,i have a little self-respect,
i'll let no else give me punishment...


jinx jade,walked on the lane...
she did so,and fools ran to hide...

jinx jade,liked gloss,shine,diamonds,
she did,find a stud,and she got jaded...


jinx jade,had walked on the lane,
the fools could catch her and tame...

jinx jade jaded,for gloss,shine,diamonds,
would she not be a real gem,if tamed?


she one day died,
he now had pain,
the weight of love,
as he stands alone,
in the burial ground...

in the burial ground,
the soil under his feet,
is of decay and very weak,
has no bearing capacity,
he is sinking in,love on him...

the old corpses,
laugh at him,
call out loud,
"a wasted life,
a silly sacrifice!"

he never cared,
it's the virtue,
of his selfishness;
he would never let,
she have all the love,
they had...he did not
want, a empty void...

death had embraced,
but he would'n die,
he was love'sembodiment,
though sinking down,
to underground...

he lived love,
without air,
he did not,

he met her,
they mate,
they wait,
they knew,
nothing is permanent...

above,one day...
the wind blows,
the clouds cry,
trickled rain...

they use ,the decay,
they absolve,
the soil,
make it fertile...

they absolve,
the soil,
they sprout,
from inside,
grow into a tree,
flower and fruit,
seeds of love...

on the fruits
and flowers,
birds and

they sing happily
"love never dies,
if so,it's a mere,
a lovely lie..."







it's the hardest word to say,
but inside,it drives me insane...

Roger Won :)

It happened finally,
Roger Federer won today,
The highest honor,on the court of clay...

Alas!I missed the match,no advantage...
but i atleast caught him holding the trophy,
and talk the language,the French way...

Alas!i missed the match,no deuce,no ace...
but atleast caught him with tears in his eyes,
when they play,the national anthem of Switzerland...

He is the man,the inspiration,
I want to excel like him someday,
In all the things,i do everyday...

To the authority.

what is the significance?
you comment on every characteristic,
battering their souls,with no mercy...

what is your accomplishment?
you refute, with so much might,
against every argument,you cannot like...

do you really want a change?
make them understand,with love,
instead of a remark,mark,scar and a scare...

do you really want to help?
do not cut them deep and bite,
touch them deep,fine,soft with care...

do you really want to be effective?
have fun,do it with a smile,
you too have evolved,please realize...

what is so serious about life?
if there is,
it is finally for comfort and fun,
so make a change,only with peace...

what is so permanent in life?
if there is,
it is in all ways passion and love,
in truth and justice,respect our share...

what is so fair about your life?
i can only see,
your displeasure,your impatience,
with no tolerance and acceptance...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

objects in the mirror,are closer than they appear.

a wound,
on the palm,
it hurts...

it hurts more,
when seen,
because it's ugly...

not willing to see,
i think of covering it,
with something...

i conveniently hide,
i close the present,
away from my memory...

i hold a mirror with me,
it hides the wound,
provides, the rear view...

in the rear view mirror,
i see, so many behind,
i am feeling nice,being ahead...

(others to engross...
forgetting the wound,
letting it sore...)

letting their flaws allure,
laughing at their failures,
after all they are behind,losers...

now,tilting the view,
longing to see myself,
it's been a long time!

oh no!i cannot believe,
wounds on my face!
it spread fast,the gangrene :(

i cry and cry,
they pass beside,
throwing a paise,for me!

i never knew about time,
it can move,it has space,
i should have had pace!

i never knew about time,
it's not only mine,
it's for infinite...

i never knew about time,
it has layers,overlapping,thin,fine...
it is an ideal fluid,but with viscosity...

i never knew about time,
it's not just theory,an entity,
realising it through,mishappenings...

they were not losers,very behind,
instead,objects in the mirror,
are closer than they appear!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


who lit darkness,
on those candles,

look how they dance,
against the blowing winds...

take a deep breath,
heave happily what you fetched...

blow them off,gift yourself a life,
singing happy birthday,in it's essence...

light them up with light,with you it matches...
get ready to cross the seam of darkness...

mix with the wax,mix in the light,
burn along in the winds, feel the lightness...

travel with it faster,to beyond the horizon,
you would light up darkness again...

you would light up darkness again,
then,with the zenith is your sacred union...

light up those candles,make a foreordain,
then,with the zenith is your sacred union...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

coming back to life...

what did u write on the drops of rain?
it got the rivers flowing again,
and reached the seas in no time,
the oceans' roared with waves,of new shapes...
they reached the beach with a spirit so divine,
the sand on the beach had colors which shined,
they enacted plays,with the sun about to rise...
they suggested me a way to hear music fine,
i listened to all of them,infinite,their orders infinite,
i covered my ears with the oyster shell,white...
the shells were singing...

silently singing-
"we had a oyster living within...
a rain drop fell straight,
on a rainy day,very fine,
with a note written,for your name,
we had to preserve it,so you could see...
a sand grain from your feet,came to me
the other night,i let it in,
the oyster developed a itch,
he released a elixir,from his swindle,
he made a pearl,with lots of pain...
and soon lost his life,
it's beautiful,the way it shines!
it's still there in,please dive"

i dive,i find,the pearl that shines,
the message,"come back",
i came back,i stand here,
watching the romance,
between pink and orange,
in the twilight of the sky...

i came back to my life,
i made it all alone...
it feels nice...

i came back to my life,
i believe myself,i believe,
'love never dies... '