Thursday, June 18, 2009

crazy (@work) @ work...

rubbing her ear lobes,
he felt the breeze,
rubbing her ear lobes,
he smelt the perfume,
rubbing her ear lobes,
he could see her smile...

is it true,is it really true?
or is it the myth,reinforced,
now doubly and a make belief!

he worried,worried,
will her innocence,
cost him his,
can he take,
a chance?

can he take,
a chance?
and console,
when paying,
the price,
for rolling,
the dice?

he struggled,
and struggles,
no logic,
to drive,
arrives,to help,
(purpose or
random adventure)

he cannot decide,
but he has cognizance,
that fools die,
and so do,the men,
with a clever mind,
he wont decide,
but makes a truce,
within him,inside,
and sets to find truths...

no logic within the frames,
of the tested proofs,
with his own assumptions,
he seems like,
crazy at work,at work,
for a while,
he keeps the labels aside...

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