Sunday, June 7, 2009

To the authority.

what is the significance?
you comment on every characteristic,
battering their souls,with no mercy...

what is your accomplishment?
you refute, with so much might,
against every argument,you cannot like...

do you really want a change?
make them understand,with love,
instead of a remark,mark,scar and a scare...

do you really want to help?
do not cut them deep and bite,
touch them deep,fine,soft with care...

do you really want to be effective?
have fun,do it with a smile,
you too have evolved,please realize...

what is so serious about life?
if there is,
it is finally for comfort and fun,
so make a change,only with peace...

what is so permanent in life?
if there is,
it is in all ways passion and love,
in truth and justice,respect our share...

what is so fair about your life?
i can only see,
your displeasure,your impatience,
with no tolerance and acceptance...

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