Thursday, June 18, 2009

total imagination.

one day when we meet,
after many many years,
scream loud,jump high,
i would,still like too see,
you surprised,i will smile...

i'll punch your paunch,
i'll pat your back,
you bite me with words,
i'll say,your still,kick @$$...
no change,no chance...

we'll meet your wife,
she'll tell us why,
and how you are so wild...
we'll meet your kids,
they'll have your eyes...

you'll ask me about mine,
i'll say,sorry,they are'n here,
(of course, i'll say more)
you had changed, i had to refuse,
you were'n the same man,i had loved...

you were'n the same man,i had loved...
you had evolved into something else,
but,it could happen to me,just once,
but i had always been your friend,
in love,out of love,never the less...

let's celebrate,
with an ode,
to the,
sweet friendship...

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