Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today's fortune: Imagination is more important than knowledge

fragments of imagination,
fermenting in the vats divine,
into a wine,from a vine,
crawling vine-sweet-sour- color...
green and purple and pink,so brown,
with globules of red pain,
and droplets of yellow pleasure...
All combined, yeah,all combined...
making it sing in blue-baritone,
so blue,shining blue....

shining,blue,buried later,beneath,
the layers of mind,nice like the grail,
with little fear, and, so, little love,
on all the sides!
it stays there,grows there,
has same size,
to get an high,above all highs,
just,but, so, highly prized...

Unearthed like the nuggets,
but with gushing surges,
and mind blasts,so many blasts;
when baby emotions,mix,tiny-fine,
baby emotions,mix,just to pine,
and so,so many blasts,mind blasts...
Oh!what strength,it has,this pain,
though so pale,so fragile,so plane...

pain,pain- a rush,
pain,pain-a sink,
pain,pain-a surge,
pain,pain- a dip.

rain,rain-oubursts of tears...
rain,rain-colors combined...
rain,rain-thundering silence...
rain,rain-merges to light...

rain,pain-a slow flow,
pain,rain-a meandering strip,
rain, pain-a trickling trick,
pain,rain- tickled to sing...

song,the magical smile,
unzipping memories,small,fine,
every paint in camouflage,
so is every picture,that floats...

half truths!seen &combined!

Fallacy of the human mind!
Supremacy of the nature kind...
can do this,without cannabis...
can do this,without hypnosis...

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