Tuesday, June 2, 2009

coming back to life...

what did u write on the drops of rain?
it got the rivers flowing again,
and reached the seas in no time,
the oceans' roared with waves,of new shapes...
they reached the beach with a spirit so divine,
the sand on the beach had colors which shined,
they enacted plays,with the sun about to rise...
they suggested me a way to hear music fine,
i listened to all of them,infinite,their orders infinite,
i covered my ears with the oyster shell,white...
the shells were singing...

silently singing-
"we had a oyster living within...
a rain drop fell straight,
on a rainy day,very fine,
with a note written,for your name,
we had to preserve it,so you could see...
a sand grain from your feet,came to me
the other night,i let it in,
the oyster developed a itch,
he released a elixir,from his swindle,
he made a pearl,with lots of pain...
and soon lost his life,
it's beautiful,the way it shines!
it's still there in,please dive"

i dive,i find,the pearl that shines,
the message,"come back",
i came back,i stand here,
watching the romance,
between pink and orange,
in the twilight of the sky...

i came back to my life,
i made it all alone...
it feels nice...

i came back to my life,
i believe myself,i believe,
'love never dies... '

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