Tuesday, June 30, 2009

please don't lose,patience,
i'll really learn life...
i am a kid,it takes time...
keep forgiving me,until then...

please believe in hope,
it's an essential vitamin,
very necessary for love,
it's available,look at the sun...

mamma,please trust love,
it's all that a family can take,
nothing else,can ever substitute,
it's the foundation for our home...

mamma,please love yourself,
the world is stupid,
if you don't,no one else will...
it can't see,what you don't show...

mamma,you saved my life,
please never retire,
so much more,i still fear,
it's difficult,without you here...

when you cry,
i am in a fry...
when you smile,
it's easy to survive...

i am sorry i judge,
it's only because,
i can't wear your shoe,
which you wear,all the time,
to tread with your mind,
the peaks of emotions,your life..
it was always too big,
and worn out...
i did not realize,
my mamma strives,
to experience,
by walking on ways,
which no one has ever traced...

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