Saturday, June 6, 2009

objects in the mirror,are closer than they appear.

a wound,
on the palm,
it hurts...

it hurts more,
when seen,
because it's ugly...

not willing to see,
i think of covering it,
with something...

i conveniently hide,
i close the present,
away from my memory...

i hold a mirror with me,
it hides the wound,
provides, the rear view...

in the rear view mirror,
i see, so many behind,
i am feeling nice,being ahead...

(others to engross...
forgetting the wound,
letting it sore...)

letting their flaws allure,
laughing at their failures,
after all they are behind,losers...

now,tilting the view,
longing to see myself,
it's been a long time!

oh no!i cannot believe,
wounds on my face!
it spread fast,the gangrene :(

i cry and cry,
they pass beside,
throwing a paise,for me!

i never knew about time,
it can move,it has space,
i should have had pace!

i never knew about time,
it's not only mine,
it's for infinite...

i never knew about time,
it has layers,overlapping,thin,fine...
it is an ideal fluid,but with viscosity...

i never knew about time,
it's not just theory,an entity,
realising it through,mishappenings...

they were not losers,very behind,
instead,objects in the mirror,
are closer than they appear!

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