Sunday, June 7, 2009

dizzy dazzy dazzled me.

Dizzy dazzy dazzled me,
Dunno wher i am, but running free..
want to know more and always see...
Asking you wid all earnesty,
is this feeling ecstasy?
Saw the lioness,adopt a deer,
oh mine!
she has left my soul still stirr!!
still stirr!
hate myself for not knowing more..
love myself for to be alive and free...
Is it always fair to believe,
waht u always see,hear and be
is it always true,that there is eternity ?
Never felt before anything such...
m the lucky bitch,
nature is the witch...
My mind feels so abandontly rich!

m not ill...
Its not even the sleeping pill,
want more to let my mind fill....

life flows its never stil...
These words i had to share,
leaves me more happier,
honestly proud and happier!dizzy dazzy dazled me!

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