Friday, July 17, 2009

tears-water droplets..

the floating mind is filled,
with the pain of love,to the brink...
and as i sink,and as i douse,
it's raining hard,
it's raining loud,
all i can do is sit and watch....
ever rain drop,an extra bar,
of the prison-in which i am caught....
they won't let me go,
until they all reach down,
and make sounds,
having me resonate,
because they stay long,
taking time of our voices,
pausing,with vibrato,
looking at each other,
to see what the light of the eyes talk...
there is lightning once in a while,
making my pupil shrink,
when i think of,your nod,
to my thoughts on,
how easy it is,to make me smile...
and there is a thunder that follows,
i hear your laughter,through the air,
laughing at my silly,whiny,less intense despairs....
i feel,the tears rolling down,
through,red light,of the eyelids shut,
they are fat,and m simply not crying,
for your attention's sake...
the rain stopped...
there is equilibrium outside...
a silence sane,and so,so inane,
pointing towards me,with it's pricky end...
it asks me why is there,so much noise here,inside,
i have no answer,but only my tears...
but it says,they are only water droplets...
how can i show silence the red,
the red blood,my heart bleeds,
effusing silently,losing all colors,
to get rid of the pain,it can no longer endure...
the silence can't see,
the silence can't feel,
it just says... says,says,says,
tears are vain,only water droplets...
it cannot remember it's dead parents' names....

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