Saturday, January 2, 2010

what i wrote on my 10th spring...

the first day of spring,
we call it ugadi,
a day, the cuckoos,
begin to sing,
new leaves sprout,
mangoes' flowers,
falls in snoopy's tin,
and big ants bite him,
and he gets acetylene,
he comes to me,scratching him.

the first day of spring,
it's like your baisakhi...
and we call it ugadi,
on this new day,
we eat neem and jaggery,
and pray to the almighty,
we ask him to give,
sadness and happiness,equally.
it's a day the year begins with,
with a month called 'chythra'
yeah my parents wished,to give,
the same name to me...
many girls in my school,
also have this only.
but still i am very happy :)
because when we eat,
neem and jaggery,
we ask for sadness and happiness,

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