Saturday, January 2, 2010

whitehigh(i hope this a better,palpable rendition)

it's a feeling which screams,
waking up from a bad dream,
screaming,making me want to relive,
feeling is screaming,to feel relieved...
it rings a thousnad bells in the mind,
and there's a burst of white light,
putting all my words in a nutshell,
it's easy to smile now and then,
'cos the fear that is born,
just did not let me,write...

i would write,simply write,
to surrender to my indolence,
again and again ,
but this time there is a guilt,
i am glad there is,
'cos i want to lift my butts,
of the chair,
and live my life,
which has been waiting for a long time...

i am glad i said it all in just 20 lines,
'cos there are only a 1000 bells,
ringing in my mind,
and the burst of white light,
is so bright i may close my eyes,again,
forever again...
and the guilt can be so thin and fragile,
it may surrender easily to my indolence,
i hope, it's not louder than 1000 bells,
not brighter than the white light.

Now this i all giving me a white high,
a white high... it's sweet,
very sweet i want to suffer this tonight,
and be satisfied, live my new life...
it's been waiting from a long time...
i will embrace it with a sorry,
at the first sight...
white light,white light,
please take me higher,
higher and higher to my new life...

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