Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 little worms...

Down in the valley,
on the carved rocks,
Three little worms,
Read the hieroglyphs,
Of crypts...

Through the meadows,
Towards the hill,
Three little seeds,
Sprout flowers to see,
The life's mystery...

The crypts had carved,
The keys to the answer,
They knew the seeds,
Shall flower,Shall prosper,
For they are seekers and helpers...

Three little worms,named,
Lust,money and power,
Got jealous of the flowers,
They ended the read,
In haste,before it was over...

Three little seeds,named,
Justice,loyalty and freedom
Flowered all colors of the truth...
They all lived in peace,
And in smiles and glee...

Lust,money and power,
Started feeding over and over,
On jealousy, and they grew,
To the size of a monster,
They all looked like the old monster-'unfair'...

Monsters crawled towards the flowers,
They sucked all the flowers' colors...
The pale flowers knew what was true,
They persisted since then ever...
Though they always looked like peace-'fair and forever'...

Monsters still persist,
Camaflouged in all colors,
But the heart of truth was still red,
The light of peace was still white,
Though the confusion was at its pink...

Three little worms,exist...
And its true...
All they had to know,
Was to finish the read,
To know perseverance can prosper...


  1. impressive
    Both the flow and imagination

    keep it rollin;)

  2. Ur imagination is seriously amazing !! n they way u put it in words in such a unique manner is even better !! u're just somethin !! :) .. keep up the good work ..