Friday, April 10, 2009

All of 3...

A game of all 3.
A race within.
Hate nothing.

Let the game start...
can love start without people?
can i start without love?
should people care not to start without me?

There was a race under current,
Can there be care without love?
can i race without care?
should people race to care not to love me?

There was hate which drove the race,
Can there be love without hate?
Can i love against hate?
Can i drive the people from hate without love?

Still the game was played,
Can there be love without hope?
Can there be hope without people?
Can i play with hope for people with love?

Can i know the answers without the game fair?
Can i believe triumph with the disbelief gusher ore?
Can i find the truth nugget?
Without any resent?

I decided to hit...
I hit the shot best,
And left the rest,
Carried on with a zest.


  1. An Insightful poem!!!

    Can i play with hope for people with love?
    This one put me under deep thoughts.

    Good one chy!!!

  2. nice thoughts...but too much of "I"

  3. thanks Eshwar and thnaks Rama,
    since the poem was about me people and love the words wr bound to repeat, but yes may be there was too much of 'i', i'll consider u r comment Rama:)

  4. Very nice poem.. Inspired me to write :)

  5. thanks sindhu, in milllions...

  6. hey awesome re !!! seriously !!! kudos !! n nice to see u and sindhu have become "blog-friends". ;-) . or did u actually know each other before ???