Saturday, April 25, 2009

darling!i can't...

what is in those words?
i want to you to see how i feel,
it is about me,i cannot speak,
i cry in your vicinity...
they still have no affinity...

i cry,my tears burn,
it makes the nest warm,where i reside,
it's not about you,
it's my happiness when you are beside me...

i cannot be happy,
you are not beside me,
to cry so much is not a luxury,
come stand here, for a change,
change the flux,because change is the only eternity...

don't refuse to change,
don't break the promise again,
oh,the pleasureful pain,
it pleases,love is insane...

(inspired by a beautiful poem,in which, the lover asks his mate not to think about him,because she cries,he cannot be what she wants,because he is not that,talking about values of words, promises made but which cannot be kept, her tears, and the nest of her which she resides in,the nest is on a pink tree etc etc)

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