Saturday, April 25, 2009


back to where i belong,
its dark and black,
the blindfolded walk,
but its not slack,
nothing does it lack,
back to black,
not hiding,just defending the attack...
within a rack,
on a rack,
not yet rack,
its all back,
back to walk,
bumpy track,
jumping jack,
all black.
all black.
all black.

back to where i belong,
its dark and black
- i have hit the most familiar zone, where i spend most my life,i dunno whetehr it is sadness or madness, i conveniently call it dark and black(metaphor not in negative sense,stating them as facts)
i am not hiding in the darkness may be it's my minds mechanism to find solitude, when i am attcked with some disturbance...

within a rack- within a frame,
on a rack- on a shelf,
not yet rack- still not charred to soot, though i call it black...

frame, rack, my status it all black...
i am walking here, the walk is'n very easy, the tracks are bumpy,
surprises jump periodically, to scare me and amuse me ,and often amaze me- jumping jack.

black- deep and all absorbing...
black-does not let go of anything, persists
black-not transparent....)