Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Colored morning through my night.

Provoked to be happy and nice,
I want to share what i rhymed...
How I made 3 hours fly,
On a day not in the same file…

Earlier that night,
I picked up a pen and sat on the bed,
I was either waiting for death,
Or something to make happen my life…
I slept to wake up,
With thoughts more,
To kill time.

I was standing in the city zoo,
Sipping hot coffee but looking gloom,
I knew i was feeling sorry for the captivated crew...
I was drenching with sweat like i had flu!

It was just a dream,
It was'n true,
I was in my room,
I looked all around at walls like a fool,
I wash my face, With summer water not so cool.

Like a zombie i pushed along,
To meet my friend- the darling lipstick-red,
Colored my lips, lined my eyes,
And i smudged it to hazy, from the black line fine...
I was sure i was pretty for the date this time...

I stood at the window, with myself stoned,
Like a devil of the angel dead,
I was waiting for the sun drowned,
From the time it was dark, he was not found,
But we had the time fixed,
Through the signals of my eyelid,styled…

The balcony’s balustrade,
Had cast shoadow lines,
In psychedelic patterns,
For the neighbour’s wall,
But the picture had to move out,
Though the street lights were on…

The raven sky,
Changed its color ,
To dissolve the shiny dots,
To let the same color’s,
Cuckoo cry…
The contrast’s began to bloom,
I saw the music fly,
The tiny birds swam in blue,
The green leaves, with colored flowers,
The grass with dew,
And the paper boy flew today’s news…

My eyes had an orgasm,
In the spring-summer time,
My orange babe slowly turned more hot and white,
And flew up the sky,
With a bye,
And filled me with more light…