Saturday, April 18, 2009

All can write...

All can write,
Because it's all about our mind,
What we saw, we heard, we imagine...
How the conflicting emotions fight...
Why behind the why when we ask why...
The words we have and their meaningful depth,
The words we don't have and their nearest friends,
And how we use,the way we decide,
What all we righteously hide,
How all the truth gets revealed,
Why all the words are differently lined...
Our attention to a matter and the fact behind,
The phenomena and with them our obedient pact.
The noumena and with them our logic derived


  1. Why behind the why...
    this line is a one line poem

    (not, "when we ask why")

  2. eh this is gr8 too .. u're turning out to be one helluva poet !! kudos !! :)