Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A ray of clarity,
sparks in the brain,
before the mind holds on,
it fades away...

it fades away,
the senses cry in despair,
against the relentless pain,
of the pain ,the body is aware...

the body is aware,
the eyes cannot bear, the scene,
of the pictures,painted,wen lids shut close...
of red and black,rubbing the nerve ends...

red and black,rub the nerve ends,
they scream,ears cannot escape,
they hear,and let the colors effuse-
red and black bleed, purple-red...

purple read smell, of an aura pungent,
the nose cannot smell, but breathes,the air,
the air through the lungs,and then through blood,
swells the skin purple-red...

skin wants to renounce,
the colored clothes,the mane...
to perceive,swells,purple-red
and baits the soul by being bare...

baiting oneself by being bare,
letting the swell exacerbate,
waiting for the clarity,the predator,
who shall,appear,to stare,amazed...

amazed,clarity stares,
the mind climbs,for a ride,
through the disillusions space,
brain comprehends,for the mind to absolve...

for the mind to absolve,
brain comprehends,
the soul stays bare,
body is aware,
nerves stay brave,
senses stand pain...