Friday, May 1, 2009

keep it,this way...

Keep your arms open,
Like the pin-curve- hyperbola on the hill,
Keep your lap cool to cradle,
Like the grass with dew…
Keep the sparkles and shine all over your face,
Like the open sky and it’s stars of light,
Keep your eyes stored with moist,
Like a sponge soaked, ready to get squeezed tight…

When I reach, I shall climb on,
Fold your arms, to the shape of infinite…
Sitting on your lap, with my heart,
We shall warm and then go soft, in the grass’s marinade…
I shall feel the infinite, counting number of stars under their light,
I will keep the stars, with my mane,dim and bright ,
Enough light to make love whole night,
I shall cool myself in the rain,
let’s cry from happiness, like the sponge
without any noise, hugging tight…

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