Sunday, May 10, 2009

a translation

this is a trnslation of the first lines, of a famous hindi song of Govinda and Karsihma Kapoor,
it is usually treated down market, but i like it, for the sarcasm and its depth...

**thujko mirchi lagi tho main kya karu**

i was walking down the lane,
munching snacks,i loved the taste,
with the cute girl,i had a date,

i was walking down the lane,munching snacks,i loved the taste,i had a date,she was cute...

if u feel a chilli and grow sore,
how am i responsible for your state?

i was walking on street,
eating my ice cream,
blinking my blank eyes,
engrossed in the chill...

i was walking on the street,eating ice cream,engrossed in the chill...

all of a sudden, a chilli you eat,
and you feel hot,
what is my fault?


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  2. nice one..ur interests n passion have changed a lot!!