Sunday, May 10, 2009


she-"i have lost today,encourage me"

he-"cannot live with what you have"

she-"our love,is it over"

he-"don't bug mee,nothing i promised you,


he thought love was ready made,
like a t-shirt hung for the display...
in a room he could try,
leave it if he does'n like the buy...

he thought life was in a warehouse,
could get anything for his whim,
if he had a card to swipe,
and a bank balance,rich and ripe...

she thought love was a fairy tale,
who ever comes on horse back,a rider,
was her prince,she would live together,
happily,truly forever and ever...

she thought,kisses they share,
if he were even a frog,a tadpole,
he would turn into handsome heir,
she would not understand,never,
the difference between a dream and a nightmare...


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