Tuesday, May 12, 2009


only a few times,
after all,it was end of college days,
i dared to hit the downs,
there were girls,each with their guy,
but it was boys colony,
i did not see,girls ashing there usually....
i had a decorum to break,pieces could weep,
i was being me,i would abide...
they could chide,and i could smile in gee...

i challenged my nerves,casually,
else,they would die,not excitingly,
a gift, the elongated cylinder,filled with high,
between the lips,it was there speechlessly,
i lit the spark,lovingly,
i breathed the smoke,easily,
after a while,in sometime,
it burst a blast,banging inside,
i smiled,smile was green,
so was everything,
ashed, elegantly,
ash was there,sitting with dignity,
oh!what a beauty!
do it now,periodically!


  1. Hmmmm! Neat flow.
    I hope this is a work of fiction.
    keep it rollin;)

  2. haha :)
    some of it is fact some of it is fiction :)
    trying to rhyme,within my limited diction :)